Governor LePage seeks appointees who are of the highest quality and represent the best interests of the people of Maine. The Governor's appointments are made purely at his discretion. This administration reserves the right to deny any appointment should ethical concerns, or conflicts of interests arise during the appointments process.

It is an honor to be appointed to serve the people of Maine. As such, and with consideration to the best interest of our citizens, board members are expected to conduct themselves with high ethical values and integrity. Board members must work together cooperatively and treat each member with respect.

Members of Licensing and Regulatory Boards must constantly reaffirm their mission to protect the consumers' interests, and recognize the sharp distinction between their mission and that of professional trade associations. A thorough Conflict of Interest Policy (This file requires either Microsoft Word or the Word Viewer. Blind and Visually Impaired Alternative Version of Conflict of Interest Policy (Word, 52KB) applies to all appointments to Licensing and Regulatory Boards.