Supporting Maine's Small Businesses

  • Created "Account Executives" to help businesses navigate state and local government.  Governor's Account Executives have provided assistance to over 10,000 new and expanding businesses.
  • Established the "Business Friendly Community" program to help local municipalities become "Open for Business" and make them a key part of Maine's business attraction strategy.
  • Regulatory reform streamlined licensing and permitting for job creators.
  • Created a Red Tape Hotline (207-624-1486) that business owners can call and get answers from state government.
  • Initiated an action plan outlining a multiyear effort to expand broadband access to 99% of Maine households that optimizes the leverage of private funding and helps more Maine small businesses compete. 
  • Initiated the Heat Pump Pilot Program to reduce heating costs for Maine families and businesses.  Heat pumps now warm over 20,000 homes and small businesses and saving roughly 3 million gallons of heating oil per year.