Energy Assurance

The Governor's Energy Office is responsible for developing the State of Maine Energy Assurance and Emergency Management Plan to provide the Federal government, Maine Governor, the Legislature, the Executive Departments, the energy industry and the general public with a clear, concise and comprehensive blueprint and strategy to address a potential or actual energy emergency caused by:

  • a supply disruption;
  • a rapid and unsustainable increase in energy prices; or
  • other energy emergency situation.

The Plan enhances Maine's ability to anticipate, respond to and recover from energy emergencies and serves as an information resource to build support and development capacity for the energy assurance and emergency goals in Maine. The State of Maine is committed to advancing the principles, programs, processes, priorities, timetables and the comprehensive and integrated steps necessary to secure a safe, clean and affordable energy future.

The Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA)Maine GIS (MEGIS) and Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) developed an energy supply disruption tracking process as part of their VirtualMaine system. Maine's critical energy infrastructure spans a large geographic area that is sparsely populated. This network of energy and communications utilities is the lifeline of the state's communities. Maintaining these networks and recovering quickly from disruptions is of the utmost importance to Maine's state agencies ability to ensure the public safety is being provided for. The system integrates existing utility outage information into an internet-based, geo-referenced user display that can be accessed by emergency management and energy officials.

Directory of Energy Emergency Contacts and Resources (PDF)

State of Maine Energy Assurance & Emergency Management Plan 2012 (PDF)