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Students in class in the lecture hall - photo by Sandy Agrafiotis

Students in class in the lecture hall
photo by Sandy Agrafiotis

Welcome to the Maine Criminal Justice Academy's training pages. The mission of the Academy is to provide training and certification to Maine's law enforcement and corrections officers.

The Academy provides basic law enforcement and corrections training to all newly hired officers, specialized in-service training programs at the Academy in Vassalboro and support to the regional training councils. Please check the upcoming classes link to view classes of interest to you.

We would appreciate your suggestions for other classes not currently offered at the Academy. You may e-mail your comments to the training manager.

Board of Trustees Specifications

Table of Contents

Mandatory Minimum Standards

Spec S-1 BLETP Requirements 01-11-2013

Spec S-3 Basic Corrections Training Program - 9-18-2015

Spec S-4A LE Executive Certification after 6-18-2004

Spec S-4B Corrections Executive Certification 6-5-1998

Spec S-4C Executive Certificate 06-11-2015

Spec S-5 In-Service Training 1-11-2005

Spec S-6 Instructor Certification 5-1-2009

Spec S-6A Firearms Instructor Certification 5-09-2014

Spec S-6B Breath Testing Device Instructor Certification 11-14-14

Spec S-7 LEPS Traning Program 03-11-16

Spec S-8 Certification of Regional Training Courses 1-11-2005

Spec S-12 LE Intermediate Certificate

Spec S-12 (A) LE Intermediate Certificate 05-13-2016

Spec S-13 LE Advanced Certificate

Spec S-13 (A)LE Advanced Certificate 5-13-2016

Spec S-14 Part time LE Intermediate Certificate 5-3-2002

Spec S-15 Part time LE Advanced Certificate 5-3-2002

Spec S-17 Corrections Intermediate 9-10-2010

Spec S-18 Corrections Advanced 9-10-2010

Spec S-19 Municipal Ordinance Prosecutor's Certification 6-12-2009

Spec S-20 Judicial Marshall Officer Certification 5-12-17

Spec S-21 Crash Reconstuction Speicialist Certification 6-12-2009

Spec S-22 Harbor Master Training Course - no date

Spec S-23 K-9 Patrol Team Certification-Recertification 7/14/17

Spec S-23A K-9 Detection Team Certification-Recertification 7/14/17

Spec S-24 K-9 Trainer Certification 7/14/17

Spec S-24A K-9 Assistant Trainer 7/14/17

Spec S-25 Crisis Negotiator Certification (7-12-2013)

Spec S 25 Crisis Negotiator Application (7-12-2013)

Spec S 26 Mechanics of Arrest Restraint and Control Instructor

Spec S 27 Capitol Police Officer Certification - 5-12-17

Spec S-28 Drug Recognition Expert Technician Certifcation 6-3-2005

Spec S-30 Law Enforcement Recertification 7-13-2018

Spec S-31 Corrections Recertification 7-13-2018

Spec S-32 Federal Officers Limited Authority to Enforce Maine Law 9-21-2012

Spec S-33 Transport Officer Certification 09-19-14

Spec S-34 Computer Crimes First Responder Certificate 10-7-2005

Spec S-35 Computer Crimes Analyist Certificate 10-7-2005

Spec S-36 Law Enforcement Chaplain Certification 1-9-09

Spec S-37 Physical Fitness Testing Certification 3-13-15

Spec S-38 Separated Officers Certification of Firearms Training & Qualifications 6-17-2011

Spec S-39 Tactical Team Certification - Recertification 1-18-16

Spec S-39 Tactical Teams - Application Form 11-2-2012

Spec S-39 Tactical Teams - Membership Form 5-7-2010

Spec S-39 Tactical Teams PFT Standards 1-18-16

Spec S-40 Electroinc Speed Measurement Device Operator Certificate 1-10-14

Spec S-40A Electronic Speed Measurement Device Instructor Certification 1-10-14

Spec S-41 Breath Testing Operator Certification 11-14-14

Spec S-42 BLETP Waiver Specification 5-12-17

Spec S-42A Waiver of Law Enforcement PreServce Program 1-10-14

Spec S-43 Waiver of the Basic Corrections Training Program 02-2016