The Maine Criminal Justice Academy serves the people of Maine by promoting the highest level of professional standards and performance through the training of criminal justice personnel.

To achieve this we shall strive to:

  • Merit public confidence in the criminal justice system;
  • Provide high quality training;
  • Promote a work environment of mutual respect, support and trust;
  • Advance policies and procedures developed in the interest of public safety and service;
  • Encourage cooperation and coordination among criminal justice agencies


We in the Criminal Justice Academy value...


In order to merit public confidence, we need to be diligent, understanding, and maintain high ethical standards.

..Continuous Improvement

We vigorously strive for excellence and continuously seek to improve the quality of our standards.


We promote teamwork by encouraging each individual member of the staff to foster:

  • Open and honest communication;
  • Trust and respect;
  • Loyalty to the organization.


Working responsibly to understand the needs of criminal justice agencies and the public.


A sensitivity to the competing demands of family, work, friends, and our mental, physical and emotional health.


Maine Criminal Justice Academy Strategic Planning and Development