• Make a single check out to "Treasurer, State of Maine" that covers all of the fees based on the cost of construction/renovation, barrier-free and building code surcharge. See fee schedule and surcharge information in the Construction Permit, Barrier-Free Permit and Building Code Surcharge forms (these are PDF documents).
  • Fill out the application for the permit using the Construction Permit application (PDF). We can help you fill this out when you arrive for your appointment. If you are obtaining your permit by mail or fax, then please call if you have any questions regarding the application form.
  • Submit blueprints/plans that are clear, legible, accurate, and complete. A design professional such as an architect or engineer may be required. Call and ask if you are not sure. Either way, the office must obtain for the plan review (1) copy of each of the following:

    Site Plan showing relationship to adjacent buildings, roads, and hazards. Indicate which building or part thereof is the one requesting a permit. Indicate true north. The site plan must be to an indicated scale or have measurements.

    Elevations showing the side view of the building from each side. Label each elevation. (The south elevation is the side of the building that faces south). If the building is existing and the renovations to the exterior are minor, then a snapshot of each side view of the building may suffice.

    Floor Plans of every level of the building, including the basement, (and parts that are not being renovated if this is an existing building).

When a part of a building is renovated/expanded, fire and life safety features of one section often affect other sections. It is the overall building that obtains the permit.

Floor plans must be to scale. Include at least one set at 1/2 scale. Indicate the scale used, such as 1/4" = 1 foot/ (This means 1/4" on paper represents 1 foot in real life. This is called 1/4" scale). Any scale can be used. Label outside dimensions.

Show doors and which way they swing. Show the location of windows in walls. Clear opening detail, and height of sill from floor may be required. Show stairs/ramps and provide details of them, such as riser height, tread depth, (nose to nose horizontally), handrail height, etc.

Label the intended use of every room compartment (such as "office," "bathroom," "sales area," etc.). We do not need to see what exists before demolition/remodeling, but rather the intended final plan.

Show any fire protection features that you intend to have, (such as emergency lights, exit signs, smoke detectors, portable fire extinguishers, etc.). During the plan review we will answer any questions you have about what may be required, and what is not.

Indicate door hardware type, door-closers and fire rating of any doors/walls.

Sprinkler details do not have to be provided to obtain the construction permit. The construction permit application form will indicate whether or not it will be sprinklered. We will confirm whether or not it is required to be sprinklered. If it is to have a sprinkler system, then the sprinkler contractor who will do the work will obtain a sprinkler permit from our office for you. At that time they will submit all sprinkler plan details to us.

In addition to the full set of normal sized dimensioned drawings a set measuring 11" x 17" shall be submitted for the following types of facilities:

  • Health Care facilities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Limited Care facilities
  • Residential Care facilities
  • Assisted Living Facilities Level 1 and Level 2
  • Day Care Centers
  • Any other facility subject to inspection by the State Fire Marshal's Office or the Department of Public Safety

Once the fee is paid and application form submitted, then a file is opened for your project. At no extra cost, changes can be submitted before the construction permit is issued. With plans on file it is easy to answer future questions on the phone or by mail and fax. We need documentation for the project that indicates full compliance with the code and law before the construction permit can be issued. It will be evaluated by the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code. (Call 1-800-344-3555 if you want to purchase your own copy.)

With this system it is easy for you to come in for a plan review with only 30% drawings and get feedback before you invest too much time designing something that may not meet compliance. Appointments can usually be made within 2 weeks. People who take the time to come in get scheduling priority over people who submit through the mail. Be sure to call first so that we may schedule you in.

Your plan review is done to the best of our ability, but the ultimate responsibility for code compliance is still retained by the design professional and the owner.

The above list is a general summary and is not intended to be all-inclusive. Depending on your project, other details may be required to be submitted. Please call if you have further questions.