As of January 1, 1991, the Office of State Fire Marshal is authorized by the Maine Human Rights Commission to conduct mandatory and voluntary plan reviews and issue Barrier-Free permits for places of public accommodation and/or places of employment.

New Construction* projects. As of January 1, 1996 regardless of cost or size, the following occupancies require a Barrier-Free permit and design professional:

  • Educational
  • Health Care, residential care , nursing home, or any facility licensed by DHHS
  • Places of Assembly
  • Mercantile
  • Hotel, Motel, and Dormitory
  • Lodging and Rooming
  • Business

* A renovation project is considered to be new construction by the Maine Human Rights Act, if the alteration affects at least 80% of the area of the building.

A Design Professional, licensed with the State of Maine, is required on projects over $50,000 to certify compliance with state and federal accessibility laws. (This applies whether the project is new construction or an alteration).

Renovation projects (A Barrier-Free permit may be obtained on a voluntary basis).

All projects applying for a Barrier-Free Permit are also required to apply for a Construction Permit.

A Barrier-Free permit is issued in conjunction with a construction permit. These state permits are in addition to any local permits that may be required.

For more information please contact Licensing and Inspection at 207-626-3880.