Federal and State Policy - Multilingual Learners

(Multilingual learners were formerly referred to by Maine DOE as English learners. The US DOE continues to describe such students as English learners.)

Administrative Letters on Policy & Statute 

State & Federal Statute and Court Decisions

States must have policies, procedures and effective implementation of practices that are aligned with and support the implementation of ESEA Title III.

Stemming from key Supreme Court rulings, the US DOE and DOJ have provided a Dear Colleague Letter to clarify schools' obligations regarding the education of multilingual learners. 

Title III of the Elementary and Secondary Act (ESEA). Title III (as reauthorized by the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015) provides funding to support programs for multilingual learners and establishes a system for holding recipient states accountable for their performance in raising multilingual learners' achievement and English language proficiency outcomes.

Lau Plans

A Lau Plan, named after the landmark Lau v. Nichols U.S. Supreme Court Decision of 1974, is an equal access plan that protects students who are multilingual learners (MLs). All Maine SAUs are required to have a board-approved Lau Plan. For assistance, contact Jane Armstrong, ESOL State Specialist at jane.armstrong@maine.gov 

Maine DOE Lau Plan Template and Guidance

Maine DOE Sample Lau Plan