CNPWeb is where Sponsors file their annual participation packet, file monthly claims for reimbursement and manage the Food Distribution Program (USDA Foods).

Access and Permissions

Email either or to request access.  You must indicate your role with CNPWeb as either a Sponsor Admin or Claim Approver. 

  • Sponsor Admin completes the Annual Application, monthly claim for reimbursement and USDA Foods information. 
  • Claim Approver is the Legal Agent/Authorized Personnel who approves the monthly claim for reimbursement.
  • Verification Only permissions give the user access to enter and edit verification data only. 
  • View Only access allows for information to be viewed but not edited or deleted.

CACFP User Request Form

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If you have questions regarding submitting your claim, please contact a member of the Child Nutrition staff.  




Manuals, Guides & Instructions


CNPWeb Training Videos

Getting Started in CNPWeb for School Nutrition Programs (10:00)


Do you have the right permissions in CNPWeb? (8:00)
Claims & Payments (11:00)

CNPWeb User Manuals



CNP Web Application Instructions


Please reference CNPWeb "Help" tab for the FFVP reference guide.
FFVP in CNPWeb (13:00)

SFSP - Annual Application Packet

Please reference CNPWeb "Help" tab for the SFSP reference guide.

SNP - Annual Application Packet

Please reference CNPWeb "Help" tab for the SNP reference guide.

SNP - Checklist Documents

  • Superintendent/Legal Agent signature required

Agreement to Participate in CEP
Agreement to Participate in Provision II
Attestation for Non-Congregate Service in SSO
CNPweb User Access Annual Certification
Policy Statement for Free and Reduced Price Benefits
SY 2025 FFVP Agreement
Attestation of Compliance with Meal Pattern Requirements

SNP - Monthly Claim

Please reference CNPWeb "Help" tab for the Monthly Claim and District Approver reference guides.

SNP - October Survey (Formerly Called 534 Report)

Please reference CNPWeb "Help" tab for the October Survey reference guide.

SNP - Verification

Please reference CNPWeb "Help" tab for the Verification reference guide.



Where Food Service Directors and Superintendents may access the confidential Direct Certification List and
Summer Food Service Program Sponsors can access past data. 

Access and Permissions can be obtained by emailing

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