Student Board Member Responsibilities

The Maine State Board of Education is proud to offer this exciting student leadership position. In 2007, Maine became one of many states in the United States that have student representatives on their state boards. We believe that this is an important and timely step as Maine moves forward in its commitment to student engagement and empowerment statewide.

What's expected from a student member:

  • To be prepared by reviewing the materials for monthly meetings.
  • To attend monthly meetings.
  • To participate and engage in discussions.
  • To promote interest in and support for education in Maine.
  • To be courteous and respectful of public suggestions and refer them to the Chair of the State Board.
  • To work harmoniously with other Board members and agencies of the State.
  • To become familiar with State laws, policies, and regulations as they relate to education.
  • To accept the will of the majority vote in all cases and give support to the resulting policy.
  • With the support of the Department to plan and facilitate Maine Department of Education Student Cabinet meetings.

What a student member gains from Board membership:

  • Opportunity to provide input and gain insight into Maine education policy.
  • Familiarity with State laws, policies, and regulations as they relate to education.
  • Knowledge about education issues as they relate to Maine and the nation.
  • Mentoring relationship with State Board member.
  • Per diem and travel reimbursement.
  • Opportunity to gain job connections and to learn about career choices.

What's next:

  • Application materials are completed annually in February.  


Sandra Bourget
State Board of Education