Welcome to the Western District Coordinating Council

The Western District Coordinating Council was formed with the partnership of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Maine CDC), for the purpose of representing the health of the communities it serves. Through collaboration with public health organizations as well as the community, the Western District Coordinating Council is able to implement effective, and proactive delivery of the ten Essential Public Health Services to the counties within the Western Public Health District. The Western Public Health District is made up of three western Maine Counties; Androscoggin, Oxford, and Franklin. The Western Public Health District population is 195,376 people spread over 4,271 square miles.



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There are 71 municipalities within the district including cities, towns, and unincorporated townships (https://www.maine.gov/dhhs/mecdc/public-health-systems/lphd/district3/index.shtml, 2013). The largest municipalities, in terms of population, in each county are Lewiston, Paris and Farmington in Androscoggin, Oxford and Franklin county, respectively (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010 Census). The Western District has a range of metropolitan areas including the larger cities of Lewiston and Auburn in Androscoggin county to rural areas consisting of small towns and townships throughout Oxford and Franklin County.


The Western District Coordinating Council envisions a district in which population health needs are met quickly and efficiently through a coordinated network of healthcare organizations, social service agencies, community stakeholders and other entities invested in a healthy Western Maine.


Through collaboration, the Western Maine District Coordinating Council will maximize Oxford, Franklin, and Androscoggin County resources to advance the delivery of the 10 essential public health services.

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