WIC farmers are required to train all staff who handle WIC transactions, ensuring their knowledge regarding Maine CDC WIC Nutrition Program procedures and requirements remains current.

Register for WIC Farmer Training, please call 207-287-3991 or email.

Farmer eWIC Certification

Schedule online eWIC Farmer Certification

Farmer Prerequisite

  • A smartphone device with
    • Android OS v5.0 or above or
    • iPhone IOS v11.0 or later
    • with cellular service or WIFI
  • Register with Solutran
    • Social Security Number
    • Bank Name, Routing Number, Account Number
  • Look for S3 Merchant Link Registration Completed email
  • Download and Sign In to S3 Merchant Link App


Maay Maay


Farmer Documents

  • Farmer Training Guide (Revised 3/29/2022) PDF
  • Confirm Training Complete - Farmer Training Form PDF
  • S3 Merchant Link Mobile App - Farmers’ User Guide (Revised 3/29/2022) PDF
  • Farmer Food List and Procedure (Revised 1/10/2017) PDF
  • Check Appeal Form PDF
  • Request training for your store online

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