WIC and Retail Grocery Stores



Maine WIC authorizes hundreds of stores around the state to accept WIC checks for specified food items. Not every store qualifies to sell WIC products, but most grocery stores and many independent stores are authorized.


Changes to WIC

Food Item W
Starting Friday March 27, 2020 until May 31, 2020 participants will be able to temporarily substitute eligible product.
• Letter sent to Vendors (PDF)

Infant Checks
Starting Monday March 16, 2020 WIC Infant WIC checks (cereal, fruits & vegetables, and Meats) will no longer state Beech Nut.
• Letter sent to Vendors (PDF)


Maine eWIC Vendor Call Minutes






Help Make Our Program Better

WIC vendors play an important role assisting clients to obtain appropriate WIC foods. We value your input and suggestions. Contact Us.