Vendor Application Process

Any store owner may apply for WIC authorization. There is no charge for application or re-authorization. WIC-authorized stores must meet certain requirements for stocking products that can be bought with WIC benefits, and must also charge competitive prices and have a good business reputation. Stores must apply for re-authorization every three years.

The Maine CDC will accept requests for WIC vendor applications on an ongoing basis.

The stores are limited by geographic area and participant density in that area. If a new store is interested in WIC authorization, then the Maine CDC will only send a WIC application to that store if there is an opening in that new store's geographic area.

Minimum Qualification and Requirement

  • A vendor applicant shall be an established business, open to the public for at least one year in the current location.
  • Must have a fixed location that includes refrigeration and freezer equipment in the retail area.
  • Must carry foods intended for home preparation and consumption in addition to the WIC required minimum stock items
  • At least 1000 square feet of space devoted to the sale of grocery items unless denial for this reason would result in inadequate participant access.
  • The store is open for business at least ten hours per day, six days per week.
  • Possession of a valid Food Establishment License from the Maine Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources
  • A location that ensures adequate participant access.
  • Proof of authorization as a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) retailer, including SNAP authorization number
  • Must have an integrated point of sale (POS) device able to transact with WIC State agency's EBT provider. List of Point Of Sale Providers/ Value Added Resellers (PDF)
  • Produce mapping: Produce Mapping PDF

For the full policy see VM-1 Vendor Selection and Authorization Policy (PDF).

Vendor Application Form

Stores interested in being a WIC authorized vendors must complete a request form.

Request for Application (PDF Adobe Sign).

Minimum Inventory Requirements Checklist

Stores are required to stock WIC-approved foods and keep a minimum inventory available. Minimum inventory must be available at the time of application and must be maintained by WIC authorized stores. Minimum Stocking Requirements (PDF)

Vendor Price Survey

Please provide us with your store highest pricing for WIC-approved products in each category of food using the price survey (PDF). Price Surveys are used to determine the Maximum Allowable Reimbursements, to aid us in deciding a fair reimbursement for rejected drafts, and to determine if a store meets WIC’s pricing parameters. It is important that you complete the survey accurately, carefully and thoroughly. List only the highest available priced WIC-approved item. Refer to your Booklet for Vendors for WIC approved foods. Do not list foods or package sizes that are not WIC approved.

Infant Formula From Authorized Supplier

Infant formula charged to the WIC program must be obtained by the vendor from an authorized supplier. Each vendor must maintain inventory records of these purchases for at least three years. Authorized Infant Formula Supplier List (PDF)

These inventory records include but are not limited to: 

  1. Inventory records showing all infant formula purchases, wholesale and retail, in the form of invoices identifying the wholesale or retail quantity and prices
  2. Transfer records showing origination, destination, and quantity
  3. Sales and use tax return
  4. Books of account
  5. Other pertinent records necessary to substantiate the volume and the prices charged through WIC food instrument redemption and for determination and verification of whether vendor is an above‐50‐percent vendor

For the complete Vendor Selection and Authorization policy, visit Program Policies