UPC Product Submission

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Help us build our Approved Product List (APL)!

The Maine CDC WIC Nutrition Program is using the WICShopper app to assist in finding allowed WIC foods. To ensure this app is current, we are maintaining an APL.

You can download our current APL and historical versions.

There may be food items in your store that are not currently on our APL that you think should be included;  those products may be new items or may not have been submitted for approval before. If you would like to request a review of food items to be added to the Maine CDC WIC APL, please download the Product Submission Spreadsheet (Excel) and email it to SubmitUPCWIC@maine.gov.

Maine CDC WIC staff  will review the food item(s).

For questions about this process, please email us at SubmitUPCWIC@maine.gov. Thank you for your help in keeping our APL up-to-date and for making healthy foods available to WIC participants.