Farmer Application


  1. The farmer applicant is required to submit a completed application to the State Agency. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applicants will be notified of missing, incomplete or unsigned documents. Those applications will be returned to the farmer applicant and may delay authorization.
  2. Once notified of an incomplete application, the farmer applicant must submit the missing information to the Maine WIC Nutrition Program within thirty- (30) days from the date of the letter. Applicants who fail to return the missing information within the 30-day deadline will be required to complete a new application and resubmit it to the State Agency.
  3. If all required information meets the selection criteria and the application is approved the State Agency will notify the farmer within thirty (30) days from the date the completed application.
  4. Once an application has been approved, owners, managers and/or staff will be required to attend training.
  5. Once training has been completed, the farmer applicant and the State Agency will sign a Farmer Agreement. The Agreement is usually valid for three-(3) years and a vendor authorization number is assigned.
  6. Solutran our contractor for eWIC our EBT processor will be sending inviations to begin onboarding to the S3 merchant applications, providing training, and user guides to get you started.
  7. The State Agency will conduct an on-site visit. This is an on-site inspection to verify whether or not the farmer meets all the selection criteria.

General Requirements

To be considered for authorization as a WIC farmer. Farmer must meet the following criteria:

  1. Maintain compliance with the WIC Farmer Selection criteria throughout the Agreement period, including any changes to the criteria
  2. Cooperate with Federal, State, and Local WIC Program personnel during announced and unannounced on-site farmer reviews and audits
  3. Provide at least 50% Maine grown fruits and vegetables;at least 50% produce that is fresh and not processed
  4. Have a device able to accept WIC & FMNP benefits
    (Android OS or iPhone IOS) with cellular service or WIFI at your sales location
  5. The Farmer Agreement is null and void if ownership changes
  6. Keep all information of authorized WIC shoppers confidential
  7. Never call unnecessary attention to a WIC shopper
  8. The farmer may allow exchanges of an identical item only when the original item is defective, spoiled, or has exceeded its expiration date
  9. The farmer may not publicly identify a person as a WIC participant/authorized representative or allow discourteous treatment of a WIC customer;
  10. The farmer must direct questions concerning payment to the State Agency. Customers are not to be contacted concerning this or any other problem area;
  11. The farmer must report to the State Agency any irregularities in the use of WIC or FMNP benefits by WIC customer;

Farmer Application

Any Maine farmer may apply to become an authorized WIC farmer. There is no charge for application.

  1. Complete a Maine WIC Farmer Application Form
  2. Following approved application. Participate in a WIC Farmer Training,
    Please call 207-287-3991 to register
  3. Sign and return WIC agreement to WIC office if you agree with all the WIC terms and FMNP Policies.
    (Provided after completion for WIC farmer training)