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MBCHP Provider Informational Resources

  • MBCHP forms (for use by providers only)
  • MBCHP training resources
  • Archived letters and memos sent to providers

Billing Specific Resources

  • List of Allowable Diagnosis Codes for Billing MBCHP
  • Lists of Allowable CPT Codes and Reimbursement Rates for Billing MBCHP
  • List of Allowable Revenue Codes for Billing MBCHP

**MBCHP claims have a maximum timely filing limit of 180 days from Date of Service after which time a claim may be denied as 'untimely'.**

Program/Policy Specific Resources

  • MBCHP Primary Care and Diagnostic Provider Manuals
  • MBCHP Program Rules
  • The Treatment Act (MaineCare) Rules

MBCHP Provider Informational Resources —

MBCHP forms (for use by providers only)

MBCHP training resources:

Archive letters and memos sent to providers:

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Billing Specific Resources —

MBCHP allowable Diagnosis Codes

Note: QNXT may deny your claim if you use a Diagnosis Code NOT listed.

Use of Diagnosis Code Z00.00/Z00.01 alone may cause your claim to DENY. You must use another MBCHP Diagnosis Code in addition to Z00.00/Z00.01 so we can tell that a screening service covered by MBCHP was performed during the office visit being billed. MBCHP can only reimburse for an office visit where at least one breast or cervical cancer screening service was performed during the visit. Office visit must include a Breast/Cervical Risk Assessment, and a Clinical Breast Exam (CBE), or Pelvic Exem, or Pap Test for claim to be paid.

To help our service locations in the switch from ICD-9 to ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes, below are two PDF documents that map MBCHP ICD-9 codes to their ICD-10 equivalents. The first is sorted by the ICD-9 column numerically and the second is sorted by ICD-10 column numerically. These documents should help you in cross referencing covered MBCHP diagnosis codes from ICD-9 to ICD-10. If you have any questions, please contact MBCHP.

MBCHP Reimbursement Rate