Maine Shared Health Needs Assessment and Planning Process Community Engagement

Community Engagement in the Maine SHNAPP is a key step in ensuring that the Shared Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) is disseminated to a variety of community stakeholders and used to help identify priorities among significant health issues. In addition, this process will assist public health and health care partners to identify local, regional or statewide assets and resources that may address these priorities and build health improvement plans (also known as implementation strategies).

From October 2015 to March 2016, Maine SHNAPP partners are actively seeking input across the state.  Community forums are being organized by local committees representing both public health and hospitals, as well as other key stakeholders.  Additional opportunities to participate in discussion of the Shared CHNA are being hosted by other community-based organizations.  Those forums open to the public are listed on a Google map. Powerpoint presentations have been developed to assist organizers in the process.

All input is being gathered by the organizers via a web-based form. Completed forms will be edited to remove information that identifies individuals other than attendance (contact information or comments) and posted on our partner website:

Further guidance and tools for organizing community engagement in the SHNAPP can be found at our partner website: