Subsurface Wastewater System Permitting


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Permitting Process


Permit Application Fees


Permitting Process

All systems must meet the same basic site suitability, permitting, and inspection criteria as any other onsite sewage disposal system.

  • The site must have passing soils and meet applicable setbacks.
  • The owner or agent must obtain a valid permit prior to beginning construction of the system.
  • The system must pass two inspections, one site prep before installation and one prior to final backfilling.

There are 3 copies of every permit to install a subsurface wastewater disposal system: the owner's copy, the Town's copy, and a State copy.

Work must not be started until the LPI has issued a permit, and if commenced within 24 months of issuance, the permit is valid until completed if started in that period.

The LPI must be notified at least 24 hours before the system is ready for inspection. This does not mean the LPI must inspect within 24 hours of notice.

The Local Plumbing Inspector must examine all applications for disposal system permits and amendments after a completed filing. If the application for a permit does not conform to the Rules and all other pertinent laws, ordinances and regulations, or if it is considered incomplete the application must be rejected in writing within 14 days of a completed filing, stating the reasons why it was rejected.

If the LPI is satisfied that the application meets the Rules and all other applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations a disposal system permit must be issued as soon as practicable. A permit is required for installation of a subsurface waste water disposal system or components thereof. A permit is valid for work commenced within 24 months after the permit is issued. (See: 30-A M.R.S. § 4215).



Work must not be started until the LPI has issued a disposal system permit for the work. Installing a new, expanded, or replacement subsurface wastewater disposal system, or any individual components, requires a permit, except normal maintenance and repair.

An application for a disposal system permit shall be made on forms provided or approved by the Department. Permit applications must be prepared by a licensed site evaluator for non-engineered systems, or a professional engineer or a licensed site evaluator for engineered systems and require a site evaluation, with the exception of replacement septic tanks and alternative toilets, other than pit privies. Such application must include an adequate description of the proposed work.

Amendments to a subsurface wastewater disposal system permit, application for a permit, or any accompanying records, may be made at any time before work on the system is complete. Such amendments are deemed part of the original application for the disposal system permit and must be filed therewith.

A subsurface wastewater disposal system design dated prior to the version of the Rules in effect at the time of permit issuance must be reviewed and updated as necessary by the Site Evaluator prior to the issuance of a permit.


Permit Application Fees  

Subsurface Wastewater Disposal System Permit Fee Schedule

      Disposal System Component: Scheduled Fee  (25%) – Water Quality Surcharge (WQS)

  1. Complete Non-Engineered System:  $250.00  ($62.50) – $15.00
  2. Primitive / Limited System (graywater & alt toilet):  $100.00  ($25.00) – $15.00
  3. Alternative Toilet:  $50.00  ($12.50) – WQS not applicable
  4. Non-Engineered Treatment Tank (includes Advanced Treatment Unit tanks):  $150.00  ($37.50) – WQS not applicable
  5. Holding Tank:  $100.00  ($25.00) – $15.00
  6. Non-Engineered Disposal Field  $150.00  ($37.50) – WQS not applicable
  7. Separated Laundry System:  $35.00  ($8.75) – $15.00
  8. Complete Engineered System:  $200.00  ($50.00) – WQS not applicable
  9. Engineered Treatment Tank (only):  $80.00  ($20.00) – WQS not applicable
  10. Engineered Disposal Field (only):  $150.00  ($37.50) – WQS not applicable
  11. Miscellaneous Components:  $30.00  ($7.50) – WQS not applicable
  • First-Time System Variances:  $20.00  ($5.00*) – WQS not applicable
    *State receives a 25% share of first-time variance fees only when State approval is required.
  • Replacement System Variances:  No State scheduled fees.
  • Seasonal Conversion Permit:  $50.00  ($12.50) – WQS not applicable

Internal Plumbing Permit Fee Schedule

  • Minimum fee  includes up to 4 fixtures/hook-ups:  $40.00  ($10.00)
  • Individual fixtures, each, over 4 total:  $10.00  ($2.50)
  • Mobile or Modular Home – Factory components only: $40.00  ($10.00)
  • Hook up to public sewer:  $10.00  ($2.50)
  • Hook up to existing subsurface system:  $10.00  ($2.50)
  • Piping relocation with no new fixtures:  $10.00  ($2.50)
  • Permit transfer:  $10.00  ($2.50)


Updated 12/15/2023