Crematoria Registration

Provisions of 32 MRSA §1405, authorize the Department of Health and Human Services to approve facilities that host the cremation of human bodies. DHHS has historically interpreted the statutes to restrict the location of crematories to cemetery grounds operated by municipal corporations, religious or charitable associations, or non-profit corporations.

Pursuant to L.D. 1289, the 123rd Maine Legislature required entities seeking to construct and operate crematories to be licensed by DHHS. Registration approval from the DHHS, Division of Environmental Health is required prior to such operation and construction. The following items are required for such a registration:

  • Registration Application:  A completed application form for registration of the proposed crematorium.
  • Cremation Retort Specifications:  Manufacturer’s specifications for the make and model of cremation retort(s) proposed.
  • Facility Plans:  A plan or plans prepared by an architect or other knowledgeable professional, drawn to scale, showing the layout of rooms, storage areas, equipment, plumbing, and other features of the proposed facility as well as the location of the proposed structure in relation to the associated cemetery.
  • Right, Title, or Interest:  A copy of a deed, lease, contract of sale, or letter of interest establishing right, title, or interest to the property upon which the proposed facility is to be located.
  • Review Fee:  A $200.00 review fee in the form of a check or money order made payable to “Treasurer, State of Maine”.

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