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    What is iMap?

    iMap is a free web-based map and database that shows where invasive species are on Maine's landscape.

    Anyone in Maine can use iMap for information about invasive plants and animals in our state. A distribution map of invasive species by county or watershed is available to anyone, including non-registered users.

    Please note that iMapInvasives works best in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

    iMap can be an effective tool for citizen groups, landowners, and land managers. Registered users can use iMap to:

    • map invasive plant infestations
    • facilitate early detection and rapid response to new invasive species and infestations
    • track invasive species control efforts, to help improve best practices and outcomes over time
    • query data more finely and see individual records
    • search to see which invasive species have been reported in your town, watershed, or county
    • set up an email alert to be notified of new infestations in your area
    • create an assessment polygon to outline an area of infestation, and record the severity of and other information about the infestation
    • record areas where you have searched and whether or not you found anything
    • note treatments you have done

    For more information at the national level, please visit the iMap homepage.

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    iMap Training

    Entering observations is quick and easy. Take a free on-line training today!

    Creating assessments, surveys, treatments, and infestation management records is more involved and requires additional training. Please email for information about training opportunities.

    Can I report an invasive species without setting up a user account?

    Yes, you can report invasives without an account at We will ask for your contact information so that we can follow-up if the species is new to the area, or if it is an early detection species for the state (these are good candidates for rapid response eradication efforts).

    Request a user account!

    Visit the Maine public iMap map

    Please email if you have questions about invasive species in Maine