Information Requests

GIS Data

MNAP maintains much of its information in a geographic information system (GIS). Data is available for rare and exemplary botanical features, large undeveloped blocks of land, and riparian areas.

You may submit a GIS data request by phone (207-287-8044) or by emailing us. We will want to know the intended use of the data and may ask you for a shapefile of your area of interest. We will also ask you to complete a data use agreement. Some fees may apply.

Note: GIS data for project areas in the organized towns of Maine is available to anyone requesting it. A subset of data (clipped to the requestor's specifications) is provided. GIS data in the unorganized towns (i.e. LUPC jurisdiction) is available based on landowner permission. Data can be provided by the landowner directly or by MNAP if permission is granted.

Other Types of Information Request

Please contact our office for other types of information requests.