Fee Structure

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MNAP is a grant-funded program within the State of Maine's Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry. Because MNAP relies on grant awards to operate, we must recoup the costs of some services that are not covered by grant awards.

Site Review

Fees for standard site reviews of development projects are $75.00 per hour. Periodically, grants provided to MNAP allow for reduced fees for some acquisition project reviews, land trust parcel reviews, and forest management plan parcel reviews. Most site reviews take two hours total to complete, though some of the large projects with multiple natural resource feature hits may take longer.

GIS Data

GIS data for project areas in the organized towns of Maine is available to anyone requisting it. A subset of data, clipped to the requestor's specifications, is provided. MNAP charges $75.00 per hour to clip and mail most GIS data requests, and the amount of time required to complete GIS data requests can vary significantly depending on requestor specifications.

Technical Assistance

Many technical assistance services are available at no charge. For larger requests that take considerable time, fees may be charged depending on the type of assistance and amount of time involved. To request or inquire about technical assistance, contact MNAP at (207) 287-8044 or maine.nap@maine.gov.

Botanical Field Surveys

MNAP staff work on multiple projects and are not often available to conduct botanical field surveys upon request. If MNAP feels that a site visit is appropriate, arrangements with the landowner will be made prior to conducting the survey. Fees vary greatly based on the type of site visit and amount of time needed to prepare. If you are interested in speaking with MNAP staff about a field survey, please contact MNAP at (207) 287-8044 or maine.nap@maine.gov.