Resource Guide: TTY HOTLINES

Last Updated; December 11, 2012

Child Protective Intake - Department of Health and Human Services

11 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333
1-800-452-1999 and 626-8620 (V)
TTY Users Call Maine Relay 711
287-5065 (FAX)

24-hour hotline to report child abuse and neglect statewide..

Crisis Hotline

1-888-568-1112 (V)
TTY Users Call Maine Relay 711
24-Hour Crisis Hotline

Agencies around the state will answer the call based on where the call is made from. Trained social workers can help you on the TTY, come to your home with an interpreter, or meet you at a convenient safe place (like the hospital, where they can use the video equipment to get an interpreter).

If your TTY call is not answered and you would like to report unsatisfactory service on this phone number, contact Nancy Melanson at 623-7998 (TTY), 623-7958 (V) or

If there is a fire, or if someone is being violent or has a weapon, call 911 for the police.

Maine Sexual Assault Support Hotline

Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MeCASA)
1-888-458-5599 (TTY)
1-800-871-7741 (V)

TTY access to MeCASA's 25 years experience supporting victims of sexual assault in Maine. Top support staff, called "advocates" have extra training in using a TTY, when and how to use an interpreter, and Deaf Culture basics.

Recent victim of sexual assault? "Survivor" of assault a long time ago? It still bothers you? Please call! The 888-458-5599 TTY answering service will call a trained MeCASA "advocate" to call you back.

  • 24-hour confidential crisis hotline.
  • Support group for "survivors" and parents of abused children.
  • Support and advocacy for "survivors" and their families.
  • Advocacy and help if you want medical help (doctor, hospital, pregnancy test, AIDs test), report to police or go to court.
  • Refer to therapist and other professionals.

Youth Alternatives Ingraham

50 Monument Square
Portland, ME 04101
774-0700 (TTY) 24-Hour Crisis Hotline
774-HELP (774-4357) (V) 24-Hour Crisis Hotline
874-2371 (FAX)

Youth Alternatives Ingraham is a multi-purpose human service agency providing crisis, residential and support services as well as services to those who are homeless. Our 24-hour hotline, 774-HELP serves as the gateway to community services in Cumberland County, providing a vast array of information, guidance and therapeutic support to people in need.