Agriculture Videos

Behind the Curtains: Mainers in Russia & China

2 programs - 30 min. each; 7-12; Agriculture, Foreign Countries, Maine Studie; Produced by: Maine Public Broadcasting Network (1984)

Behind The Curtains: Mainers In Russia & China follows a group of 23 Mainers through Russia and China on an agricultural tour that is more than a travelogue while avoiding the pitfalls of propaganda.

  1. Part 1 - Provides a cultural overview of the two countries, following the group from Leningrad , across the Soviet Union and to China .
  2. Part 2 - Is a more specialized look at farming practices in both countries.

From Land to Landfill - A Systems Perspective

4 15 min. programs; 5-8; Agriculture, Environment, Health/Wellness, Nutrition; International Telecommunication Services (1995)

The Land To Landfill curriculum integrates social studies, mathematics, science, language arts, home economics, and health and nutrition into one entertaining short series. The programs help students develop a systems perspective on the crucial topic of how we get our food, how we consume and dispose of it and the packaging, and deals with future food sources and questions.

  1. Overview of the Food System
  2. The packaging Process
  3. Hunger and the Food System
  4. Sustainability of the Food System

Help Wanted

8 programs - 15 min. each; 7-12; Agriculture, Career Education, Comminication, Criminal Justice, Guidance, Health; Distributed by: International Telecommunication Services (1987)

Help Wanted investigates a variety of vocations for the student who is preparing to enter the work force or go on to college. Job preparation and survival are discussed by people who are active in the fields discussed. The responsibilities and the skills needed for each occupation are discussed.

  1. Registered Nurse
  2. Television & Radio Broadcasting
  3. Medical Technologist
  4. Animal Health Technologist
  5. Secretarial Science
  6. Educationist
  7. Law Enforcement
  8. Agriculturist

Maine 's Surprising Christmas Wreath Industry

5 min.; 7-12; Agriculture, Economics, Maine Studies; Produced by: Media Source (1984)

A look at the winter time agricultural industry that generates thousands of dollars in Hancock and Washington Counties .

Skowhegan State Fair

30 min.; 7-12; Agriculture, Maine Studies, Social Studies; Produced by: Maine Public Broadcasting (1978)

Skowhegan State Fair is a behind-the-scenes look at the nation's oldest continuous agricultural exposition. The half-hour documentary explores a variety of Skowhegan festivities: horsepulling contests, grange exhibits, harness racing, crafts displays, and 4-H activities. The program captures the sights, sounds, and flavors of one of the most popular summer pastimes in Maine - going to the fair.