Asset Based Collaboration with Joan Frye Williams

Course Objectives:

NOTE: We had technical difficulties around the 35 minute mark so there is a brief period of static and then the recording skips about 5 minutes to the point where the presentation picks back up.

Today’s libraries need to get the most out of every resource at hand. One way to do this is through partnerships and collaborations. But how can we enter these partnerships from a position of strength rather than weakness? And what can we do to ensure that the library, our partners, and the community all benefit? In this lively webinar, library consultant and futurist Joan Frye Williams will discuss • The difference between partners and donors, • What your library has to offer a prospective partner, • The five things you need to know before you enter into any partnership, • Finding a partner: the hard way and the easy way, and • Tips for convincing people to support collaboration. This presentation will focus on asset-based collaboration, a real-world approach that allows collaborative efforts to succeed even when conditions are NOT perfect. If you want to work with partners from different backgrounds in a way that makes sense to them but still keeps your blood pressure down, don’t miss this webinar.