Youth Media Activities in Your Community: Teaching Digital Natives

Course Objectives:

Engaging today’s youth through technology is critical to reach a generation that has had access to advanced technology throughout their entire educational and personal lives. Reaching this “tech generation” may seem overwhelming as the proliferation of technology advances and the ever-changing trends make it difficult to determine what efforts will be effective. This webinar will focus on what you can do to educate and engage youth using technology.

In this webinar, attendees will:

Find out how prevalent technology is in the lives of youth. Take a look at the facts Understand the opportunities to incorporate technology into your youth programs. Check out what other libraries are doing Determine where to start. Receive tips and tools to engage youth using technology. Learn how to get things moving. Receive resources that can assist you with next steps.

By the end of this webinar attendees will have the basic knowledge to incorporate technology into your programs engage and educate youth.

This one-hour introductory webinar will be of interest to library staff that are ready to embrace online technologies to engage their young patrons.