Inclusive Library Programs for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Course Objectives:

Do community-based groups of people with intellectual disabilities visit your library on a regular basis? Are parents of, and children with disabilities encouraged to participate in Storytime and Summer Reading activities? Do you know how to communicate in “people first” language?

Libraries have always strived to create structurally accessible facilities in order to accommodate all users regardless of physical disabilities. However, has your library considered creating inclusive programs designed to break attitudinal barriers, in order to promote library access?

This webinar will guide library staff toward creating, promoting and implementing a library environment that supports users with intellectual disabilities – from identifying community partners and outreach and creating inclusive programming – to staff sensitivity training. This webinar is designed to equip staff with the tools to create a library experience that is inclusive to all users, including those with disabilities.

At the end of this one-hour webinar, participants will:

Be able to define Inclusive Library Programs Recognize at least one opportunity that already exists in your library for Inclusive Programs Understand how attitude can affect library accessibility Know how to find support and information for planning and implementing Inclusive Library Programs Know how to identify community partners Understand and know how to communicate using “people first” language

This webinar will be of interest to public library staff working with adults and youth; disability services staff; volunteer coordinators; and generally those interested in providing greater accessibility to library programs for adults and/or children with disabilities.