Merchandising That Works

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  • Topic: Marketing & Advocacy - Marketing
  • Level: Elective
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  • Format: self paced online
  • Contact Hours: 1

Course Objectives:

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Don’t throw out passion for your work yet! Everyone feels overwhelming public demand, having only strained resources to offer our communities. Merchandising That Works will inspire you to revitalize your approach to merchandising various collections, using simple to apply models suitable for 21st Century libraries. Experience a fun, professional way to get answers about merchandising without straining your budget. Learn how, when and why to display popular materials in a way that empowers customers.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this training the participants will be able to: * Understand the philosophy of using merchandising to “open up” their collection for better access for the 21st Century user. * Identify 14 popular collections to merchandise with success. * Identify and apply 6 simple design elements to create eye-catching displays * Garner a higher visibility by promoting an Abundance Mentality despite a cash-strapped budget. * Increase circulation with intuitive collection layout to promote self-directed use. * Empower the browsing customer to save staff time.