Conflict, Stress, and Time Management

Course Objectives:

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Each customer wants her problem to be the most important problem to the Customer Service Representative (CSR). For the CSR, adapting to each customer's communication style, understanding each customer's emotional response, and solving each customer's problem can be an enormously stressful and time-consuming process. This course is intended to show the proper methods needed to resolve conflicts, manage time, and manage stress. It also highlights the importance of a positive approach and attitude in bringing customer interactions to a satisfactory conclusion. This course helps to prepare learners to work in a customer support center or help desk environment.

Lesson Objectives

Conflict, Stress, and Time Management recognize the benefits of being able to resolve conflicts with customers recognize the signs of potential conflict in a scenario recognize examples of techniques for reducing and eliminating conflict with a customer differentiate between empathy and sympathy recognize how to use the guidelines for negotiating with customers recognize the benefits of using a positive approach when dealing with customers use assertiveness strategies with a customer in a given scenario match typical communication behavior styles to their examples recognize actions or statements that reflect confidence identify self-empowerment techniques for building confidence recognize examples of the techniques used to disengage with customers recognize the benefits of implementing time-management and stress-management strategies recognize examples of personal strategies used to reduce stress identify symptoms of stress recognize examples of strategies used to manage time