SABLE - Young Adult (YA) Services

  • Link: SABLE - Young Adult (YA) Services
  • Topic: Programming & Services - Young Adults
  • Level: Elective
  • Sponsor: Idaho Commission for Libraries
  • Format: self paced online
  • Contact Hours: 2

Course Objectives:

The impact a school library or public library’s young adult (YA) department has on individual lives, communities and society, as a whole is great. The responsibility each has been charged with is great. The pressures and challenges are great. Above all, the rewards are great.

Breaking through barriers, making some kind of connection with even one or two young adults, seeing them return to the library regularly with a mumbled hello on their way to the Internet computers is success. Even more rewarding is hearing them rave about the last book you suggested, or how the program you provided on summer jobs gave them just the right information to land one.

Library staffs who work with YAs need to learn as much as they can about YAs and try to understand where they are coming from in order to serve them effectively.

This course will either introduce or serve as a review to the unique demographic that is YA, who they are and what they might want:

Developmental Information The Collection Services and Programming Outreach