Designing Interactive Library Spaces

Course Objectives:

What does it mean to Evolve? Why do Libraries need to Evolve? Through this webinar, Dave Hesse and Brian Pichman of the Evolve Project will discuss the importance of redesigning library spaces to make them more interactive and collaborative. The Evolve Project is a collaborative platform that aims to change the way people see libraries through the injection of technology that fosters collaboration and exploration. These technologies include laser tag, Sphero Balls, Sifteo Cubes, interactive Legos, and so much more! Learn techniques for how to innovate. In today's times, libraries must become the frontier for interaction and engagement while enhancing their environments to include new technology, open spaces, and unique programs to pull in patrons.

Brian Pichman is passionate about libraries and was formerly employed for 8 years in a small rural public library before branching out to help other libraries world-wide. He now runs the Evolve Project, an initiative to get libraries into the 21st century and beyond.