Leadership Essentials 3: Building Your Influence as a Leader

Course Objectives:

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Why is it so hard to get people to agree to a good idea? Whyare some leaders constantly faced with challenges and objections?Reaching agreement as a leader does not mean you should manipulate orforce people to accept your ideas and accomplish your objectives; thereare ethical ways for leaders to successfully build influence. Leadersattempting to influence and persuade others are faced with thechallenges of navigating through organizational politics. An effectiveleader recognizes that organizational politics can provide positiveways to influence others in order to accomplish goals. In this course,you will be guided through numerous methods and strategies foreffectively influencing a team to accept your ideas. You'll beintroduced to the importance of political awareness and the essential skills involved in using positive politics and avoiding negativepolitics when persuading others. You'll also have an opportunity topractice methods for influencing effectively and ethically.Target Audience Supervisors, managers, directors, and individuals wanting to developtheir leadership skillsLesson Objectives recognize and classify examples of techniques forinfluencing people recognize actions that use politics to influence others ina positive way use influence techniques to persuade others while avoidingthe negative use of politics, in a given scenario.