Becoming a Manager: Leading and Communicating

Course Objectives:

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Employees want decisive leadership from their managers. Organizations, too, need their managers to be clear about their objectives, and how their teams can achieve them. As a new manager, it is important that you understand that leadership is about giving direction, but it is also crucial that you realize that it also involves trusting and empowering your staff. You will undoubtedly have been very good at your last job, but now you will need to resist the temptation to continue doing it. For some time to come, it may be true that you could do it quicker or better, but an important part of your new role is delegating tasks to others. You will not have time to do everything yourself, and your staff members will need to know that you trust them enough, and are sufficiently interested in their development, to give them the opportunity to learn new skills. Effective communication is at the heart of most successful businesses. Being a manager means that you need to be at the center of everything. There will be people from whom you need information, and those who need information from you; some will be inside the organization, and others will be outside it. The way in which you communicate with each group may be different, but the clarity of the message, and the appropriateness of the method will always be important.Target Audience Anyone who is about to be promoted, or has just been promoted, into their first management or supervisory role.