Operational Planning: The Key to Building a Culture of Implementation and Focus

Course Objectives:

Ever wonder why organizations lose focus as their strategic plans gather dust on the shelf?

Ever wonder how to keep everyone on the same page during implementation, and preserve the energy and excitement generated during the strategic planning process?

Want to build a culture of focus that can knit together key organizational processes (planning, communications, evaluation and organizational learning) for sustainable high performance?

Tired of that “flying by the seat of our pants feeling?”

Successful organizations make the shift from “what” (visioning) to “how” (implementation) by building the infrastructure of implementation.

Join me in a practical discussion of what you can do create a focused, effective organization.


Organizational life cycle phases and how to shift from an exclusively entrepreneurial culture to an Institutional/Maturing organizational culture Key processes that undergird organizational culture Tools for operationalizing the strategic plan Tools for grounding budgeting and other annual processes strategically