Receiving Feedback and Criticism

Course Objectives:

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We all need feedback so that we can learn and improve. Sometimes feedback is on target, and its usefulness is apparent. Other times it may not be as easy to receive. Being able to receive feedback and criticism appropriately without getting your emotions involved is an essential skill for success in the business world. People in an organization need to be able to receive corrective feedback effectively, whether from someone in authority, a direct report, or a peer. Doing so allows you to better understand your colleagues' concerns, calm potentially heated exchanges, and solve issues efficiently. This course starts by exploring the reactions that typically occur when a person receives corrective feedback or criticism. You will also learn an approach that you can use to help you receive feedback in a productive manner and then have a chance to practice receiving feedback using that approach. Materials designed to support blended learning activities aligned with this course are available from the Resources Page.

Lesson Objectives

  • recognize the relationship between people's reactions to feedback and their ability to use it to effect change in their performance or behavior
  • identify the types of statements one might make to negotiate a resolution
  • receive corrective feedback effectively