What to Consider When Hiring

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Course Objectives:

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Recruitment is a complex and important activity for a manager. Effective hiring requires effective preparation.The recruitment process must be fair and safe, and there is plenty of legislation to trip up the unwary manager. Getting any part of this wrong is expensive, time consuming, and damaging to the good name of the company. This course will give you a brief overview of the major employment legislation that affects recruitment.Then the course will explore the options that any manager has when faced with hiring a new employee. Hiring is an expensive process, so the course explores a cost-benefit analysis of the various hiring methods, examining in detail internal hiring and contingent workers as two particular options.Defining a job in terms of competencies and then rating them provides the foundations for effective hiring, and this course will show you how to use these methods in creating a structured interview.Target Audience Managers, team leaders and human resource professionals responsible for recruiting, interviewing and hiring new employees