Leadership Essentials 1: Motivating Employees

Course Objectives:

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Imagine what your organization would be like if you and your colleagues were not motivated. Motivation is what drives people to accomplish things, whether it be small tasks or large undertakings. Without motivation, things simply would not get done. The ability to create an environment that encourages motivation takes both practice and skill as it's not a quality inherent in most people. As a leader, your capacity for motivating plays a key element in the success of your organization.

This course provides you with an understanding of why motivating strategies are important as a leader. It also provides you with practical techniques for encouraging motivation among employees in your organization.

Target Audience Supervisors, managers, directors, and individuals who want to develop their leadership skills

Lesson Objectives *recognize the definition of motivation *recognize tactics that encourage intrinsic motivation by addressing higher-order needs in the workplace *recognize how to involve, validate, and develop employees *recognize actions that encourage motivation by enlisting the support of workplace systems *take steps to encourage motivation in an individual employee, in a given scenario