Workplace Conflict: Strategies for Resolving Conflicts

Course Objectives:

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Whether you like it or not, conflict is an inevitable part of life. So learning to deal with it effectively is a key skill. The more quickly and effectively you can resolve a conflict, the sooner you can get on with more productive activities in your day. Additionally, each successfully resolved conflict will lead to more confidence and knowledge about how to approach other conflicts you may face in the future. This course describes techniques you can use to deal effectively with a conflict situation. You'll learn that an important first step is to define the conflict by clarifying the issues surrounding it. You'll also find out about the importance of describing the conflict to the other party in a way that doesn't make them defensive. In addition, the course outlines collaboration skills that can help you deal with conflicts effectively, building trust and cooperation and preventing the escalation of conflict. Materials designed to support blended learning activities aligned with this course are available from the Resources Page.

Lesson Objectives

  • recognize how to clarify the issues in a conflict
  • recognize how to collaborate effectively in a conflict situation
  • talk constructively in a given conflict situation