Disabilities at the Workplace

  • Link: Disabilities at the Workplace
  • Topic: Management - Personnel Management
  • Level: Elective
  • Sponsor: Non Profit Webinars
  • Format: archived webinar
  • Contact Hours: 1

Course Objectives:

We are surrounded by people with disabilities at work. Some disabilities are visible, others aren’t. It is helpful to understand what the needs of people with disabilities are and how we can best work with them. Often there are misconceptions, which this presentation will help dissolve. We will discuss ways that people with and without disabilities can work and communicate better.


Communicating with disabled people; what is/is not useful, what is/is not acceptable How people with disabilities navigate the workplace; how they get from one place to another, how they access information Benefits of employing people with disabilities; help available to you, resources people with disabilities have available to them