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The Youth Outcomes Questionnaire (Y-OQ®-2.01) is a measure of treatment progress for children and adolescents (ages 4-17) receiving mental health intervention and is meant to track actual change in functioning.  The State of Maine has adopted the use of the YOQ for its Children’s Home and Community Treatment (HCT) service.  The YOQ was developed by Dr. Michael Lambert and Dr. Gary Burlingame with more information available at:


  • Webinars:
    • To all HCT providers:   

      I am pleased to announce that we have scheduled two Webinars with Dr. Jared Warren to discuss the use of the Youth Outcomes Questionnaire (YOQ) with children, youth, and families.  

      July 15th how to present the YOQ assessment and discuss it’s outcomes with clients and families

      August 19th how to discuss YOQ outcomes and reliable change during supervision

      This can be a challenge at times and Dr. Warren will provide some insight into helpful ways to go about this. 



  •  New Agencies:  Step by Step Instructions
    • Fill out initial agency information sheet: word
    • You will receive an email from OQ Measures with links to online training and certification

                      YOQ Online Training & Certification(Video Webinar & Quiz)


    • When certification is complete, you will have access to YOQ online. 
    • Read through Maine YOQ Clinician Manual (Link Below)
  • Existing agencies information:
    • The Treatment Support Measure (TSM) pdf
    • YOQ Introduction: For Parents Place pdf
    • YOQ Introduction: For Youth Place pdf




Maine YOQ Clinician Manual(Maine specific YOQ requirements)


OQ Analyst Data Entry Site(This is where you actually complete a YOQ)


OQ Analyst Website Users Guide(Full Instructions to navigate the OQ Analyst Website)


All OQ Analyst and YOQ PDF forms:



For further assistance:


Resource Coordinators:

Mike Parker,                           District 1, 2          822-2331

Nadine Martin,                        District 3, 4, 5       624-7944

Cheryl Hathaway,                   District 6, 7, 8       561-4204