Local Government Education and Training

Records Management - Basic Information for Local Government (pdf, 659KB)

Public Officials and Public Records (PowerPoint, 274KB) (pdf version, 254KB)

E-Mail and Digital Records Retention Guide (pdf, 142kb) (rtf version)


Introduction to Records and Information Management

The Council of State Archivists (CoSA) created this narrated PowerPoint presentation as an introduction to basic records management. The presentation requires Adobe’s free ShockWave player, which is a browser plug-in. If you encounter problems with the SWF file, read Technical Issues below for solutions.

Technical Issues - When testing the presentation with the files on your computer's hard drive, you may encounter an error message when you first begin regarding your computer's Flash player security. You are given the option to click "OK" or "Settings". If you simply click "OK", you will not be able to test the hyperlinks because Flash player will not launch links from files on your computer without changing the security settings. See the following websites (below) for the solution to this problem and a further explanation of what is occurring. Following the simple steps will allow you to test the hyperlinks.

Other Resources

National Archive (NARA) Videos - Word of the Week (Youtube videos)