Quahog Bushel Clarification

Notice to all Mahogany Quahog Tax Account Holders

It has recently come to the attention of this Agency that there is some confusion among quahog tax account holders of the appropriate method for reporting the number of bushels on the monthly tax return.

Maine statutes define a bushel as a unit of dry capacity equivalent to 2150.4 cubic inches.  For taxation purposes, the conversion figure is 80 pounds of whole shell stock equals 1 bushel.

Dealers should calculate the total pounds of whole shell stock purchased during the month.  The total weight should be divided by 80 to determine the number of bushels that should be reported.  The result should be rounded to the nearest whole bushel.


5,000 pounds ÷ 80 = 62.5, round to 63 bushels.

8,500 pounds ÷ 80 = 106.25, round to 106 bushels.

The State of Maine has not changed any statutory language of Chapter 714, Mahogany Quahog Tax.  This is simply intended as a clarification for any dealer in the normal course of their business.

If you have further questions or need additional information, please call (207) 624-9609.


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