Telecommunications Equipment Program

Last Updated; June 8, 2016

In 1998 the ?TTY Program? was expanded to the Telecommunications Equipment Program (TEP) to serve individuals with disabilities, who cannot use a standard telephone. The program distributes specialized telecommunications equipment to individuals with disabilities in Maine.

What is specialized telecommunications equipment?
Specialized telecommunications equipment is adaptive equipment for individuals who are unable to use the telephone for expressive (talk), receptive (hear) or other barriers to telephone communication.

Who is eligible?
To be eligible, an individual must be unable to use the telephone for expressive and/or receptive communication. This needs to be documented by:

The official rules for the TEP are maintained on the Maine Secretary of State's web site

For further information on this program or to apply for services contact:

Disability Rights Maine

Deaf Services
Telecommunications Equipment Program
68 Bishop Street, Suite 3
Portland, ME 04103-2616
(207) 797-7656 V/TTY
(800) 639-3884 V/TTY (outside the Portland area)
(207) 797-9791 Fax

Website: Disability Rights Maine-Deaf Services