Last Updated; June 11, 2019

Maine Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) Council

For more information regarding Maine's relay service see:

Website: Telecommunications Relay Service Council

DRM Communication Outreach Program

The Communication Outreach program at Disability Rights Maine helps to educate Mainers about telecommunications access and promote Maine Relay services in local communities statewide.

Maine Relay is a free service that makes it possible for anyone who is deaf, hard of hearing, late deafened, or has speech difficulties, to communicate by telephone. The service allows consumers to use special equipment (such as captioned telephone, TTY, voice carry-over, or hearing carry-over) to communicate with standard voice telephone users through specially trained relay operators (RO). In addition, Maine Relay offers Remote Conference Captioning services, which allow individuals with hearing loss to actively participate in meetings, phone calls, multi-party teleconference calls, and videoconferences. Maine Relay also allows businesses and service providers to connect with everyone in their community, improving access to services for all. More information on Maine Relay can be found here: Telecommunications Relay Service Council

The Communication Outreach Program visits support groups, senior organizations, rotary clubs, medical organizations, businesses, professional groups, veterans organizations, and other agencies to share information and provide training on Maine Relay services, adaptive telephone equipment, and telecommunication access.

The program also provides general information, one-on-one training and education for individuals interested in learning more about using Maine Relay. Exhibits, presentations and demonstrations are provided at no cost and can be set-up at various locations. Will come to you!

For more information:
Debra Bare-Rogers, Advocate
207-797-7656 ext. 113 (Voice/CapTel)
207-766-7111 (VP)