Last Updated; December 6, 2021


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Automatic Sync Technologies

Website: Automatic Sync Technologies

Automatic Sync Technologies provides a web-based captioning service that allows users to submit media content via the web and get caption results for web media (Windows Media, QuickTime, Flash, YouTube, and Real), podcasts, DVDs, or broadcast media. Captioning with AST is cheaper, faster and easier than traditional captioning.

Bridge Multimedia
333 Seventh Avenue
10th Floor
New York, NY 10001
(212) 213-3740 (V)

For more than 20 years, Bridge has been a high capacity provider of captions in English, Spanish, French Canadian, Brazilian Portuguese, Mandarin, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Other accessibility services include: audio description, ASL, and PDF document remediation.

Closed Caption Maker
Walter Gallant
1955 Kensington Street
Harrisburg, PA 17104
1-717-695-7981 (V)
Website: Closed Caption Maker

"Closed-Captioning of video at affordable prices, with a 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed or your money back." We now caption "streaming video" over the Internet. Prices are posted on our website.

Custom Captions
Alice Durrant
458 South 2470 West
Provo, UT 84601
(801) 370-9878 (V)

National Association of the Deaf approved provider of post-production closed-captioning and subtitles. Exceptional captioning, quality at low rates. Quick turn around times. Complete satisfaction guaranteed.

Karasch & Associates
1646 West Chester Pike, Suite 4
West Chester, PA 19382
1-800-621-5689 (V)
(619) 696-2008 (FAX)
Audrey Greco, Vice President Business Development

We provide real-time live captioning for individuals, large events, broadcast (television or web), and off-line captioning for any pre-existing video. We provide real-time captioning in English, Spanish, and French, and off-line captioning in a variety of foreign languages, including Mandarin, Japanese, Swahili, Vietnamese, Bosnian, Sorani, and Kirundi.
P.O. Box 835215
Richardson, TX 75083
214-801-7606 (V)

Subsandcaps is a site where people may search for closed captioning providers with various criteria in mind (e.g. location, price, and reviews), gets quotes from these providers immediately, and reserve their project. It's all completely free for users.

Video Caption Corporation
88 Hunns Lake Road
Stanfordville, New York 12581
800-705-1203 (V)
800-705-1207 (FAX)

At Video Caption Corporation, we provide high quality English and Spanish off-line closed captioning, and multi-language subtitling services for videos and DVDs. We close caption and subtitle videos in standard and high definition formats, as well as for the Internet.

Carol Lane
Auburn, ME
207-712-9700 (V)
Website: Video Production Services

Personal attention for your post-production closed-captioning and subtitling needs.


CART captioning is a word-for-word, speech-to-text translation service, using closed-captioning technology, for people who need visual communication access. Unlike computerized note-taking or abbreviation systems, which summarize information for consumers, CART captioning provides a complete translation of all spoken words, which allows consumers to decide for themselves what information is important to them. CART captioning consumers include people with hearing loss, individuals with cognitive or motor challenges, people who wish to improve reading/language skills and those with other communication barriers. A CART captionist uses a steno machine, real-time software and laptop computer to render instant speech-to-text translation on a computer monitor or other display to benefit an individual consumer or a larger group in any number of settings: classrooms; business, government and educational functions; courtrooms, hospitals, religious, civic, cultural, recreation or entertainment events; telephone conferences or on-line webinars. Text files are available. Services may be performed on-site or from a remote location via the Internet.

Caption Logic
Shari Majeski, CCP, CBC
952-388-1546 (V)
207-650-9316 (Text)
Website: Caption Logic

Nationally certified provider of CART and captioning services. Speech-to-text solutions for webinars, conferences, distance education, public events, broadcast, videos. Display options for a single individual or for groups. Captions can interface over the Internet with various platforms, including Blackboard, Adobe Connect, Daktronics.

1-877-886-8879 (Toll Free)
Website: HIS Sign, LLC

HIS Sign is an interpreting agency providing a wide array of communication services to every type of organization. Currently provide onsite and remote ASL interpreting (including CUED speech), as well as CART and TypeWell services. In addition to these services, we also offer Transcription and Captioning services and customized solutions.

Karasch & Associates
1646 West Chester Pike, Suite 4
West Chester, PA 19382
1-800-621-5689 (V)
(619) 696-2008 (FAX)
Contact: Joe Alberici, Client Relationship Manager

We provide CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation)services that can be utilized for both groups and individuals. This service allows the client to view and read the captions of what is being said, in real-time. This service is also available on-site (in person) or remotely in a variety of technical A/V formats (e.g., large screen, webinars, online meeting centers, classrooms, etc.) The versatility of our services has proven to be a beneficial tool for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Maine CART & Captioning Service
Marsha Dulac-Swain
207-242-9378 (V & Text)
Website: Maine CART & Captioning Service
Maine CART Facebook

Jennifer M. Rodrigues
P.O. Box 20278
Castro Valley, CA 94546
(510) 888-9825 (V)

Dayette J. Zampolin, RMR, CRR, CCP
697 Jug Tavern Road
Downsville, NY 13755
(607) 363-7808 (V)
Website: Captionears

Remote CART captionist. Classroom, medical appointments, conferences. Instantaneous translation to your location via Internet. Roughly-edited transcript provided ASAP after session to client's email address. Free demonstrations. Remote CART may be utilized for Distance Education as well. Live translation can be viewed and saved by the client, and the translation can be synched to the recorded audio/video before posting to the Internet.