Deaf or Hard of Hearing Placard


Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Placards

Last Updated; June 9, 2016

The Division for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing & Late Deafened is providing placards to individuals with hearing loss! This placard is free, laminated and can be placed on your sun visor in your vehicle. To get your placard apply below and provide proof of your hearing loss.

Please complete the enclosed application and mail or fax it to the Division for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing & Late Deafened along with proof of hearing loss/deafness: 150 State House Station Augusta, Maine 04333-0150 or FAX: 287-5292

Proof of hearing loss/deafness may include any one of the following:

  • A copy of an audiogram signed by a licensed professional.

  • A copy of a diploma from a School for the Deaf.

  • A signature from a physician, otolaryngologist (ENT) or audiologist on the application form.
  • Proof on file from inclusion in another program such as:
    The Telecommunications Equipment Program (TEP) from the Disability Rights Maine-Deaf Services (DRM);
    The 70% discount form used by TTY callers for their home TTYs;
    ID Card from the Division for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Late Deafened

Division for the Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing & Late-Deafened Placard

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