Maine Merged Market Health Insurance Rate Filings

Individual and Small Group Health Insurance

2025 Average Rate Increases - Summary Tables (PDF)

2024 Average Rate Increases - Summary Tables (PDF)

Bureau Public Forum re 2024 ACA Proposed Rates (recorded August 3, 2023)

Rate Review Considerations

Each year insurers that sell Individual and Small Group plans in Maine's pooled risk market must submit their proposed forms and rates to the Bureau of Insurance, using the System for Electronic Rate and Form Filing (SERFF). Details of the filings submitted to the state since June 10, 2010 can be viewed in the system.

To see details of a filing, click on the Search Public Filings button below and paste or type in the relevant SERFF Tracking Number listed in the table (no need to complete the rest of the form).

Search Public Filings

2025 Plan Year SERFF Tracking Number



Small Group

Anthem ATEM-134123237 ATEM-134123240
CHO MECH-134081193 MECH-134081142
Harvard Pilgrim HPHC-134129718 HPHC-134129726
HPHC HPHC-134129692 HPHC-134129736
Taro Health Plan of Maine THPO-134127964 THPO-134127987
UnitedHealthcare Insurance UHLC-134115228 UHLC-134115184
UnitedHealthcare of New England UHLC-134115226 UHLC-134115182
2024 Plan Year SERFF Tracking Number



Small Group

Aetna Life AETN-133844708 AETN-133663598
Aetna Health AETN-133844783 AETN-133663618
Anthem ATEM-133698702 ATEM-133698727
CHO MECH-133666012 MECH-133666075
Harvard Pilgrim HPHC-133700709 HPHC-133700712
HPHC HPHC-133700707 HPHC-133700710
Taro Health Plan of Maine THPO-133841039 THPO-133706991
UnitedHealthcare Insurance UHLC-133687564 UHLC-133687590
UnitedHealthcare of New England UHLC-133687581 UHLC-133687553

Written comments can be submitted to the Superintendent as follows:

By E-mail:

By U.S. Mail:
Robert L. Carey, Superintendent
Attn: Karma Y Lombard
Bureau of Insurance
Maine Department of Professional and Financial Regulation
#34 State House Station
Augusta, Maine  04333-0034

Electronically in SERFF

Follow the instructions above to search public filings in SERFF and use the link to the online comment form on the relevant filing page.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires that insurers planning to increase plan premiums by an average of 15% or more submit their rates to the Federal government website. For a general explanation of this requirement visit To view Maine filings on the federal website that meet the 15% threshold go to and select "Maine."