Financial Institution Application Forms

The Maine Bureau of Financial Institutions regulates ONLY banks and credit unions.  If you are seeking a license for other types of companies, such as mortgage companies and auto finance companies, including companies that are organized as independent subsidiaries of a bank or credit union, please contact the Maine Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection, phone  (207) 624-8527.

Note: The application forms below are sample documents only. Please contact the Bureau before completing any application form to verity you are working with the latest document. 

If you have any questions related to banks or credit unions, please contact the Maine Bureau of Financial Institutions, phone (207) 624-8570.

Unless otherwise indicated, forms below are produced in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat.

Payroll Processor Application Form BFI-5 (Word)
Payroll Processing Surety Bond Form Form BFI-5 (Word)
Application to Establish a Non-depository Trust Company Form BB-4A - PDF
Form BB-4A (Word)
Application to Establish an Uninsured Bank or a Merchant Bank Form BFI-4X - PDF
Form BFI-4X (Word)
Biographical and Financial Report for Non-depository Trust Company Application, Uninsured Bank Application and Merchant Bank Application Biographical - PDF
Biographical (Word)
Application to Convert From Federal to State Charter Form BFI-4C - PDF
Form BFI-4C (Word)
Application to Merge Credit Unions Form BFI-3 (Word)
Application to Organize a Credit Union Form BB-16 (PDF)
Application to Convert From Federal to State Charter (Credit Unions) Form BB-23 (PDF)
Notice of ByLaw Amendment - Change in Field of Membership (Credit Unions) Form BFI-2 (Replacing Form BB-CUFOM) (Word)
Restricted Terms Filing(s) Form BFI-1 (Replaces Forms BB-35 and BB-36) (Word)
Maine Consumer Credit Code Notification - Form BB-34 Please contact our office at 207-624-8581 for filing requirements.