Share Your Library's Featured Collection

The Maine State Library is offering a method to share information about the collection strengths and/or specializations of any Maine library. Collections may be searched by title, description, and owning library.

All information is required except in the optional area. Please keep entries short for all fields except the description.

[For searchablity of the word, "Art", be sure you have a 4 letter keyword in your description and preferably the title, like "artist". Search doesn't work on 3 letter words]

For questions or help, please use the feedback form at the bottom of the page.

Library Contact Information - Required
  1. The following information will be part of the database and displayed on the web.
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  3. [Full name]
Collection Information - Required
  1. This brief description of the collection will be keyword searchable.
  2. For the Circulation/Access Policy below: include whether any of the material has no or restricted circulation. Indicate if prior notice is required for viewing the collection. [250 character limit]


Format - Required
  1. Choose all formats that pertain to your collection. If you choose "other", be sure to explain in the description.


Optional Information
  1. You may include your library and catalog's web URL/address and any brief search strategies/tips [250 character limit] to facilitate finding your collection items. See other entries for examples of search tips.
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Phone if questions - Required
  1. The following information will only be used for questions related to the data submitted. Please include a phone number of a person who can answer questions related to the collection information.
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Submit Collection Information
  1. Once completed, the collection is activated by Maine State Library staff, usually within 2 business days. You will be notified, once posted, for final review.